Royal Treasury 

Experiencing Hue Traditional Handicraft Space

Formerly this place was a Royal Treasury first built in 1837 (the 18th year of Minh Mang’s Reign). In Nguyen Dynasty, it was originally the greatest treasure stored silver and gold with stringent security precautions. Later, it also formed the system of royal factories to produce the furnitures for the royal family, to make the objects for worshiping and decorating as well. In Emperor Tu Duc’s time, there were 534 skilled craftsmen who were requisitioned from different regions to work in these factories. Currently, the two-storey building built in Emperor Thanh Thai’s time (1889 – 1907)  still retained. Besides, part of the surrounding space is a place to introduce and perform Hue traditional handicrafts such as Hue lanterns, Hue kites, poem conical hats, paper flowers, incense making, bamboo weaving, etc.These activities partly reflect the image of Hue handicraft workshops under the Nguyen Dynasty.

Warmly welcome you to visit our space where you can save a poetic images of Hue and choose for yourselft Hue souvenirs and specialities.