Typical products

Hoang Trieu Ngu Tuu

Hoang Trieu Ngu Tuu (big size)


Lien Hoa Tuyet Tuu

Lien Hoa Ngu Tuu


Thuong Vien Ngu Tra

Thuong Vien Ngu Tra (paper box)


Handicraft Products

Drawing Hand fan (big)


Our Staffs


Artisan making kites

Mr That Hieu Ton


Artisan incense

Ms Thuy Linh Thai


Artisan Conical Hat

Ms Thu Ha


Artisan Paper Flower

Mr Huynh Ngoc Phan


Artisan Lantern

Mr Van Hieu Nguyen

feedback from customers

Siem Reap from Netherlands

Was erg leuk om een vlieger te maken en te beschilderen … en natuurlijk ook nog uitproberen .We kregen prima hulp van Hoang Thi Thanh Huong die ook rg goed Engels sprak .




Vivi from Netherlands

“Hue is the best place on this trip, we love it here. Everyone is so cute and fun.”

I will come back here to go to college. 

Vivi from Netherlands





Korea Family

I had a great time here with my parents


Ashleign Sman

Very good experience, thanks for being patient when i make lotus flower!
Thank you for hospitality
Great coffee!

Family From Korea

The father was wonderful, sitting next to the girl who taught her to draw a hat. Every line of drawing looks worriedly at his father,
The daddy always says “it’s okay”, just draw it.