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Genie Hendricks

The day before yesterday we spend some time at this wonderful place! A very friendly (good English speaking) staff helped us to make our own paper lotus flower and build a kite. We had fun! Good to have this visit as part of your itinerary. And in the end mrs. Duc Tue sent us the pictures taken while we were busy creating! We recommend the Luc Bu Culture Space!


Nous avons passé un agréable moment en famille à l’espace Luc Bo.
Lieu très sympa, calme, avec un personnel très souriant et très gentil qui nous a pris en photo lors de l’activité peinture de cerf volant pour nous les envoyer par mail. A côté de cette activité, de nombreux ateliers traditionnels intéressants au sein de cette magnifique citadelle. A faire en famille.


On a passé un très bon moment, notre fils a peint et fait voler un cerf-volant. La citadelle autour est magnifique. Encore merci !


Renate Louise Pierotto

I had an amazing time yesterday learning how to make the traditional vietnamese hats! They were super skilled and friendly teaching me how to make it! I totally reccomend it for the makers like me!


David Requena

Actividad muy recomendable donde aprendes a hacer productos locales de la mano de personas super agradables y muy simpáticas! 
I must say thank you to Ngô Minh Tuệ Đức and her friends because they are very nice and friendly! Nice to meet you.

David Requena

Daddy and Kammy

Cha và con gái cùng nhau vẽ diều

Ashleign Sman

Very good experience, thanks for being patient when i make lotus flower!
Thank you for hospitality
Great coffee!

Dorathée & Timothée From France

“Very beautiful place.
We love it
Very Warmly welcome”.
“My son can make a kite by himseft.
Thank you very much!”

Maria Eder

It was an interesting experience 

I am not talented at all but the staff was really patient and friendly!

Thanks a lot!